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Role of Cytopathology in the Diagnosis of Benign Pulmonary Tumours  

Dr Sampurna Roy MD




In some cases cytopathology has a role in the diagnosis of benign tumours of the respiratory tract.


 - Chondroid Hamartoma :  It presents as a coin lesion to be distinguished from primary malignancy or a metastasis.

FNA sampling shows a combination of myxoid material, benign epithelial cell fragments and a few adipose tissue cells.

Cartilage is occasionally obtained.

The myxoid material stains bright magenta on Giemsa staining but is inconspicuous in Papanicolaou stained preparations.  Case Link

-  Myofibroblastoma (Inflammatory pseudotumor, plasma cell granuloma) : There is a mixture of plasma cells, foamy macrophages, spindle shaped fibroblasts and inflammatory cells. There are no specific features but combining the findings with the clinical details of a lesion developing usually in a young patient following a "respiratory infection" may suggest the diagnosis. The lesion is now regarded as neoplastic in the light of cytogenetic studies. Visit: Pathology of Myofibroblastic tumours

Further reading:

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