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Features of Bronchioloalveolar Cell Carcinoma

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD 




Image1: Bronchial washing-  Bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma - Cluster of regular epithelial cells (embryo-shaped).

Image2:  Sputum- Bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma -Three dimensional cluster of epithelial cells.


1. An uncommon tumor which may exfoliate profusely in sputum and lavage samples.


2. Multiple three-dimensional groups of small to medium sized cells with papillary or "embryo-shaped" forms.


3. Cyanophilic cytoplasm, vacuolated in some cases, but with no cilia.


4. Rounded nuclei, with granular chromatin and visible nucleoli, difficult to view in the center of clusters.


5. Necrosis is not usually seen.


6. Correlation with radiological findings of diffuse shadowing is important.


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Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant  Histopathologist (Kolkata - India)






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