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Clear Cell Tumours of the Skin

Dr Sampurna Roy MD        



Clear cell acanthoma ; Bowen's disease ; Basal cell carcinoma

Adnexal tumours:

Paget's disease; Clear cell syringoma ; Clear cell hidradenoma   ;

Clear cell hidradenocarcinomaClear cell porocarcinoma ; clear cell myoepithelioma;

Tricholemmoma ; Tricholemmal carcinoma ; Sebaceous adenoma ; Sebaceous carcinoma.


Balloon cell nevus ; Balloon cell melanoma ; Clear cell melanoma ; Clear cell sarcoma.


Clear cell dermatofibroma; Clear cell atypical fibroxanthoma ; Clear cell fibrous papule.

Salivary gland:

Acinic cell carcinoma; Hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma ; Clear cell mucoepidermoid carcinoma.


Renal cell carcinoma ; Breast carcinoma ; Hepatocellular carcinoma ; Pulmonary adenocarcinoma and mesothelioma.

Clear cell carcinoma of Skin: 

1. Clear cell (hydropic) basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma 

2. Clear cell variant of Atypical fibroxanthoma

3. Clear cell porocarcinoma         

4 Hidradenocarcinoma

5. Sebaceous carcinoma   

6. Trichilemmal carcinoma 

7. Metastatic clear cell adenocarcinoma of viscera (Example: Renal cell carcinoma)

8. Clear balloon cell malignant melanoma  
In malignant clear cell eccrine tumour, (Differential diagnosis - trichilemmal carcinoma), there is absence of peripheral palisading and presence of acinar or ductal differentiation that can be demonstrated by immunohistochemical stains for CEA.

In basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma clear cells represent degenerative changes and may form epithelial lobules.

In sebaceous carcinoma the sebaceous cells display foamy cells with centrally located indented nuclei.


Immunohistochemical Panel


  Pan-keratin Ber-EP4  AE13/AE14


   EMA   CEA    CD68  S100
Clear cell basal cell carcinoma


   +     +      -     -      -      -    -
Clear cell squamous cell carcinoma


   +     -     -     +/-     -     -    -
Clear cell  variant of Atypical Fibroxanthoma

(positive for  vimentin & actins)


    -    -     -     -     -     +     -
Clear cell eccrine carcinoma     +    +/-      -      +     +/-     -    +/-

Sebaceous carcinoma

    +    +/-      -      +      -     -     -

Balloon  cell melanoma

    -    -     -      -      -     -     +

Trichilemmal carcinoma

    +    -     +     +/-     -     -      -

Metastatic clear cell adeno- carcinoma

Ca 125 or PLAP may be (+) 


     +    +/-     -      +    +/-      -     +/-

Further reading:

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