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Vascular Tumours

Pathology of Cherry Angioma

(Senile Angioma ; Campbell de Morgan spots)              

Dr Sampurna Roy MD           


Dermatopathology Case 117

Diagnosis: Cherry Angioma




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Cherry angioma is a common skin lesion usually noted in elderly adults.

The lesion presents as single or multiple small, smooth, cherry red papules.

This condition as commonly noted in elderly patients suggest that their occurrence is an age-related degenerative phenomenon.

It is usually located on the trunk or upper extremities.

Microscopic features:

Small early lesion: Dilated interconnecting thin-walled vessels in the papillary dermis.

Older lesion: Polypoid lesion; loss of rete ridges ; interconnecting vascular channels in the subepithelial connective tissue ;  scant intervening stroma ; a collarette at the periphery.

List of other vascular tumours

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Further reading:

Association of chemokines and prolactin with cherry angioma in a sulfur mustard exposed population--Sardasht-Iran cohort study.

Electron-microscopy of cherry haemangioma in the early diagnosis of Fabry disease.

Superimposed segmental manifestation of cherry angiomas.

Late-onset Fabry disease associated with angiokeratoma of Fordyce and multiple cherry angiomas.

Pyogenic granuloma complicating pulsed-dye laser therapy for cherry angioma.

Cherry angiomas associated with exposure to bromides.





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