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Pathology of Ischemic Heart Disease

Dr Sampurna Roy MD 





Ischemic heart disease is a group of closely related syndromes due to ischemia, which means an imbalance between the supply and demand of the heart for oxygenated blood.


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Ischemia results not only from lack of oxygen (hypoxia, anoxia), but also due to reduced availability of nutrients and inadequate removal of metabolites.


Ischemia may be caused by:


1. Reduced coronary blood flow (more than 90 % of cases), due to atherosclerosis with vasospasm or thrombosis or both.


Uncommon causes of reduced blood flow are arteritis, emboli, cocaine-induced vasospasm and shock with  systemic hypotension.


2. Increased myocardial demand exceeding vascular supply  - Example: Tachycardia, hypertrophy.


Reduced oxygen supply due to certain conditions may contribute to cardiac damage .

Example:  Severe anemia ;  advanced lung disease ; cyanotic congenital heart disease ; carbon monoxide poisoning or cigarette smoking.


 1. Angina pectoris.  ; 2. Acute myocardial infarct.


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