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Lipomatous tumours

Pathology of Intramuscular Lipoma

Dr Sampurna Roy MD            





Age: Occurs in middle to late adult life.

Site: Presents as deep seated slow growing usually painless mass in the large muscles of the extremities specially those of the thigh, shoulder and upper arm and in the chest wall.

Other locations include the spermatic cord, the mediatinum or in the periosteal location.

Types: This benign tumour may be divided into infiltrative and well-circumscribed types.

Histopathology: Histologically striated muscle fibres are diffusely infiltrated by mature adipocytes.

No atypical features are present.

Blood vessels are scarce (capillary-sized) helps in distinguishing from intramuscular hemangioma.

Differential Diagnosis:  well differentiated liposarcoma ;  diffuse lipoblastomatosis  (occur in infants and children; subcutis and muscle are affected ; more than one type of muscle involved).

The infiltrative tumours are known to recur locally in 20% of cases if incompletely excised.

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