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Hello visitors! 

A sneak peek into my brand new blog.   

If you want me to include anything special related to histopathology, please send me an e-mail or contact me via any social media channel.

If you are regularly following my websites, please inform everyone about my new blog.

This personal blog is for fun and entertainment only.

All pathologists and doctors with special interest in art and photography are welcome.

I will not create annoying newsletters or spam my social media followers with only my blog posts.

Friends and peers don't need reminders.



Surreal Path Photography (Photo gallery)



Sun, Sand and Sunscreen on your hands



Wake up Sleeping Beauty!  Kleine–Levin Syndrome (Sleeping Beauty Syndrome)



Cartoon be creative



Street Art - Histopathology



Cartoon - SETTLE in a CASTLE -  Two rare thyroid tumours with strange names



Cartoon -  PANDAS



I Love My Pets - Photo Gallery for Pet Lovers and Pathologists



Who was crying that night? A Cat or a Baby?  Cri-du-chat syndrome



Cartoon - New Blog 



Nature Photography for Pathologists - From Blue to Green enjoy the Scenes



Feast your eyes and use your brain. A mock quiz case for the Pathologists



Pathology Quiz Case - Diagnosis



Cartoon - French Paradox - Have a glass of red wine



Malaria - When Art Meets Science



Infectious Diseases - 6 beautiful vintage posters



Deadly Beauty - 5 stunning images of malignant tumours








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