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Lipomatous tumours

Pathology of Synovial Lipoma: (Lipoma Arborescens)

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                





Synovial lipoma: (Lipoma Arborescens) is a rare benign intrarticular lesion characterised by the replacement of the subsynovial tissue by mature fat cells giving rise to a villous proliferation.

This is often a secondary reactive process associated with degenerative joint disease, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, or prior trauma.

The lesion usually occur in adults.

A few cases of circumscribed synovial lipoma have been reported in children and adolescents.

Males are affected much more commonly than females.

The majority of cases occur in the knee.

Gross pathologic examination of the lesion reveals a frondlike contour.

There is subsynovial collection of mature adipocytes which project in a villiform fashion, into the joint space.

The villi are covered by hyperplastic, inflamed synovium.


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