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Pathology Quiz Case - 38

Dr Sampurna Roy MD





Clinical History:   A 63 year old female with history of watery non-bloody diarrhea for almost 4 years. The patient eliminates almost 800ml of fluid per day. The patient complains of nocturnal diarrhea and faecal incontinence. The diarrhea persists on fasting.

There is no history of colicky pain, distension, vomiting or any weight loss.

Physical examination- No abnormal findings.

Stool examination - Negative for blood and fat and shows no evidence of parasitic or other infestation.

Routine blood examination - Mild normocytic anemia and raised ESR.

Plain abdominal radiograph, barium enema, CT scan findings - Normal

Endoscopic appearance - Normal

Multiple biopsies are obtained by colonoscopy from proximal colon and rectosigmoid.










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