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Pathology of Silicone Granuloma (Siliconoma)

Dr Sampurna Roy MD      


Path Quiz Case 56: Case history and images

Diagnosis: Silicone Granuloma (Siliconoma)




Silicone oil, gels and rubber are bioactive agents that may induce host reactions.

Silicones are easily detected in tissue as small round to irregular droplets of amorphous refractile non-polarising material.

Thick sections (10-30 micrometer thick) prevent loss of silicone droplets during tissue processing.

The silicones can be detected by adding stamp pad ink to the mounting medium.

Non-Koehler, phase contrast and darkfield microscopy help to highlight the silicones.

Granuloma as a reaction to silicone is mainly found after extracellular rupture of an implant and after injections with silicones.

These granulomas may present as a tumour some distance from the implant.

Visit: Foreign body granuloma of skin

Microscopic patterns :

- In case of injection with liquid silicone - There are numerous cystic spaces and vacuoles partly filled with silicones surrounded by a thin layer of fibrous tissue.

Foreign body giant cell reaction is minimal.

- In case of extracapsular rupture - There are many giant cells of the foreign body type often containing silicones and foam cells together with lymphocytes.

Further reading:

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