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button26a.gif (6178 bytes) Myxoid Tumours of Soft Tissue

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Classification of Soft Tissue Tumour

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Gross examination of soft tissue specimen          

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)A practical approach to histopathological reporting of soft tissue tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Grading of soft tissue tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Lipomatous tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Neural tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Myogenic tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Vascular tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Fibroblastic/Myofibroblastic tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Myofibroblastic tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Fibrohistiocytic tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)ChondroOsseous tumours

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Soft Tissue Tumours of Uncertain Differentiation               

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Notochordal Tumour - Chordoma

 button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Extra-adrenal Paraganglioma

button26a.gif (6178 bytes)Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour

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Soft tissue tumour is a complex subject and reporting a case can sometimes be a difficult and perplexing task.

This site has been launched with the aim to cover a wide spectrum of topics related to soft tissue tumour.

I hope the information will be useful for diagnostic pathologists, clinicians and trainee pathologists.

In each topic an attempt has been made to include related image links and links to articles (abstract and full-text) wherever possible.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful for your diagnostic practice.

All suggestions and criticisms are welcome to ensure that the site is formatted to suit your needs.


While diagnosing a case of soft tissue tumour the following questions must be asked and resolved by the pathologists:

1. Is the lesion a tumour or a reactive process?
2. Is it benign or malignant?
3. If it is malignant is it a sarcoma or a malignancy which can mimick a sarcoma?
4. If it is a sarcoma what is the grade?
5. What is the specific histological type of the tumour (benign and malignant)?


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