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Soft Tissue Pathology Online:

Updated section on soft tissue pathology.

Soft Tissue Tumour is a complex subject and reporting a case can sometimes be a difficult and perplexing task.

This site has been launched with the aim to cover a wide spectrum of topics related to soft tissue tumour.

In each topic an attempt has been made to include related image links and links to articles (abstract and full-text) wherever possible. More images and diagrams will be added gradually in the form of quiz cases.

I hope you will enjoy this updated site on Soft Tissue Pathology.

All suggestions and criticisms are welcome to ensure that the site is formatted to suit your needs.

- Dr Sampurna Roy MD             February  2015


While diagnosing a case of soft tissue tumour the following questions must be asked and resolved by the pathologists:

1. Is the lesion a tumour or a reactive process?
2. Is it benign or malignant?
3. If it is malignant is it a sarcoma or a malignancy which can mimick a sarcoma?
4. If it is a sarcoma what is the grade?
5. What is the specific histological type of the tumour (benign and malignant)?



Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant  Histopathologist

(Kolkata - India)


A practical approach to histopathological reporting of soft tissue tumours


Myxoid Tumours of Soft Tissue


Vascular tumours


Lipomatous tumours


Neural Tumours


Fibrohistiocytic tumours


Fibroblastic / Myofibroblastic tumours


Myogenic tumours


Myofibroblastic tumours


Chondro - Osseous tumours


Notochordal Tumour - Chordoma


Soft Tissue Tumours of Uncertain Differentiation  


Other topic relatedd to Soft Tissue Pathology

Classification of Soft Tissue Tumour

Grading of soft tissue tumours

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour



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