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-  Stenosis : The aetiology of this is due to three causes - Post-inflammatory, endocarditis, carcinoid and very rarely congenital.

- Incompetence:

1. Functional:

2. Rheumatic: Rheumatic disease affecting the tricuspid valve almost always affects the mitral and  aortic valves as well.

The valve leaflets are diffusely fibrosed with  commissural fusion but calcification is rare.

The chordae tendineae may be thickened and shortened but it is usually not as extensive as the mitral valve.

3. Endocarditis

4. Carcinoid Heart Disease

5. Floppy Valve Disease

6. Congenital (Ebstein's Anomaly)

7. Trauma

8. Endomyocardial fibrosis

9. Papillary muscle infarction

Histology : Often valves have a limited and common response to disease so that histology of valve tissue is not very useful in the majority of cases. Fibrosis with calcification are the most usual responses.

In cases in which histology of a valve may be helpful, the leaflets are sectioned together with a portion of the  adjacent chambers and / or vessel walls.

For example, the posterior leaflet of the mitral valve is sectioned including a portion of left atrium and left ventricular free wall : the anterior leaflet includes ventricular septum and non-coronary cusp of the aortic valve. 

In cases of rheumatic heart disease sections of the atrial appendages may be included for histological examination because the incidence of Aschoff bodies is highest in these structures.

A practical approach to examination of cardiac valves

Cardiac Valve Disease


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