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Pathology of Accessory Tragus

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Definition of malformations of the tragus is important for terminology and treatment. Most common entities are the skin tag, accessory tragus, preauricular sinus, cyst and macrotragus.

Accessory tragus is a fairly common congenital malformation of the external ear.

In the vast majority of cases it is an isolated developmental defect not associated with other abnormalities. 

The accessory tragus can be found along the entire course of embryonic migration. It is usually located unilaterally in the preauricular region.

The lesion may be solitary or multiple, unilateral or bilateral, sessile or pedunculated.

Accessory tragus is a consistent feature of the oculoauriculovertebral syndrome (Goldenhar syndrome).

Gross features:  Clinically presents as a nodule covered by skin.



Histological features :

Shows numerous tiny mature hair follicles in various phases, and central cartilage. The presence of cartilage is not essential. Of importance is the prominent connective tissue framework in the subcutaneous fat that seems to be one of the diagnostic criteria for accessory tragi.

When correctly identified, surgical excision of accessory tragus is quite simple and rarely results in any complications.

Further reading:

An unusual auricular malformation accompanied by accessory tragus: macrotragus.

Accessory tragus: A report of 2 cases.

Accessory tragus: report of two cases and review of the literature.

Hair follicle nevi and accessory tragi: variable quantity of adipose tissue in connective tissue framework.

Bilateral accessory tragus.

Histological diagnostic criteria for accessory tragi.

Bilateral accessory tragi on the suprasternal region.

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Ear Pathology Online - Home Page


Ear Pathology Online -Index 





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