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Pathology of Inflammatory Aural Polyp

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD

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Diagnosis:  Inflammatory Aural Polyp


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-The aural polyp (an inflammatory polypoid proliferation of middle ear mucosa) is an infrequent complication in chronic otitis media.

- Microscopic features:  Polypoid lesion lined by squamous or ciliated columner epithelium. Within the stroma there are lymphocytes, histiocytes, granulation tissue, variable neutrophils, mast cells, eosinophils and some plasma cells. Some multinucleated giant cells and cholesterol granulomas may be present.

- Histological analysis by some authors have revealed two different pictures.

i) The inflammatory reaction polyp, present in non cholesteatomatous chronic otitis media ; and

ii) the polyp with granulation tissue and foreign body reaction (keratin) usually found in cholesteatomatous chronic otitis media. 

- The finding of granulation tissue reaction and keratin in an aural polyp is a good predictor for the presence of a Cholesteatoma .


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