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Cartilaginous Lesions of the Skin

Dr Sampurna Roy MD             





Cartilage is present in the skin as;

- Developmental Hamartomas:

These lesions account for large numbers of  cartilage forming skin lesions.

These can be excluded in the differential diagnosis by the  congenital history and characteristic  location.

Example - Accessory Tragus ; Dermoid Cysts ; Choristomas ; Meckel cartilage ;  Bronchogenic cysts. 

- In certain tumours as in Chondroid syringoma.

- In Chondromas and Osteochondroma.

Cutaneous Chondroma:

These lesions have no bony connection and are exceedingly rare.

Site: Finger ; Nose ; Ear.

Microscopic feature:  Well circumscribed tumour composed of chondrocytes set in a cartilaginous matrix.

Further reading:

Subungual chondroma, a case report.

Cutaneous chondroma with overlying pigmentation clinically mimicking dermatofibroma.

Enchondroma: a benign osseous lesion with high F-18 FDG uptake.

Subungual extraskeletal chondroma with finger nail deformity: case report.

Periosteal chondroma that presented as a subcutaneous mass in the ring finger.

Extraskeletal Chondroma on the Sole of the Foot.

Soft tissue chondroma of the index finger: clinical, histological and radiological findings in a unique case.

Cutaneous mixed tumor with extensive chondroid metaplasia: a potential mimic of cutaneous chondroma.

Cutaneous cartilaginous tumor.

Cartilaginous lesions of the skin and superficial soft tissue.

Cutaneous cartilaginous tumor.





Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant  Histopathologist (Kolkata - India)






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