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Cutaneous Infections and Infestations:

Protozoal Infections

Dr Sampurna Roy MD              


The protozoa are single celled organisms of great medical importance.

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I  Amebae: Amebae are single celled organisms with trophozoite and cyst stages in the life cycle.


Acanthamebiasis - Pustular, chronic ulcerating nodular lesions are present in the skin.

Histologically, there is a dense acute inflammatory infiltrate with focal abscess formation together with numerous organisms (amoebae, 15 - 40 micrometer in width).

Tuberculoid granulomatous lesion together with vasculitis may be present in the deep dermis and subcutis.

II  Flagellates: The flagellates are a group of protozoa that moves by flagella.


  -African Trypanosomiasis

  -American Trypanosomiasis


  -Cutaneous leishmaniasis

  -Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

  -Visceral leishmaniasis


III  Coccidia:

Coccidia are important in immunocompromised patients , have asexual and sexual cycles, and are acquired from contaminated food or water.


IV  Miscellaneous:

Pneumocystosis : Cutaneous pneumocystosis is rarely noted in patients with AIDS

(Visit: Cutaneous lesion associated with AIDS )

There are foamy, amphophilic material around blood vessels.

Methenamine silver stain reveals small cysts characteristic of Pneumocystis carinii.








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