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Pathology of Amyloid Nodules of the Ear

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


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These are small papules usually located on the concha of the ear.

They may be present on both ears. 

The lesions are usually not pruritic but slightly friable. 

The patients do not have lesions of amyloidosis on other parts of the body and no known insult precedes the appearance of lesions. 

Histochemical and electron microscopic methods help in confirming the amyloid nature of the substance. Amyloid observed is generally positive for Congo red, crystal violet and thioflavin T. 

Immunohistochemically, the amyloid substance stained positively with cytokeratin 34betaE12 and EKH4 keratin.

Otologic involvement with amyloidosis is extremely rare. The pathophysiology may be related to the local factors in the external auditory canal.

Differential diagnosis: Collagenous Papules of Ear


Further reading:

Primary cutaneous amyloidosis of the external ear: a clinicopathological and immunohistochemical study of 17 cases.

Amyloidosis in bilateral external auditory canals.

Primary cutaneous amyloidosis of the auricular concha: case report and review of published work.

Lichen amyloidosis of the auricular concha: report of two cases and review of the literature.

Otologic manifestations of amyloidosis

Papules in the auricular concha: lichen amyloidosus in a case of biphasic amyloidosis.

Primary cutaneous amyloidosis of the auricular concha.

Ear Pathology Online - Home Page


Ear Pathology Online -Index 





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