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Pathology of Exostosis of the External Ear

Dr Sampurna Roy MD   

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Exostoses of the external auditory canal are benign bony tumours very common in individuals who frequently participate in aquatic activities.

Currently, most researchers agree that the environment (especially water temperature, but also atmospheric temperature and wind action) plays a pivotal role in the development of this trait.

Aural exostoses are typically firm, sessile, multinodular bony masses usually arise from the tympanic ring of the bony portion of the external auditory canal.

Although most of the cases are asymptomatic, patients with more severe exostoses have recurrent episodes of external otitis and related conductive hearing loss.

In the great majority of these cases, a medical treatment (aspiration and antibiotic drops) resolves the symptoms.

Patients with more severe canal stenosis, resistant to medical treatment, are candidates for surgical removal of the exostoses.

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