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Pathology of Keratoacanthoma of the Ear

Dr Sampurna Roy MD   


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Keratoacanthomas are common in skin of external ear.

These lesions grow rapidly, usually attaining a size of about 10-20 mm in approximately 6 weeks.

This is followed by slow involution over a period of 2-6 months.   

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Gross features: A well-demarcated, dome-shaped nodule with a rolled, mildly erythematous border with a central hyperkeratotic plug. 

Microscopic features: Histology reveals an exo-/endophytic growth having a central crater containing keratinous material.

The crater is surrounded by markedly hyperplastic squamous epithelium with large squamous epithelial cells having abundant glassy cytoplasm.

Some cells are dyskeratotic.

Within the dermis is a dense, chiefly mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate.

A buttress of epidermis surround the crater.    

The tumour is completely removed by surgery and diagnosed as a keratoacanthoma by histopathological examination.

Keratoacanthoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma. 

Further reading

A case of giant keratoacanthoma of the auricle

Multiple keratoacanthomas in a young woman: report of a case emphasizing medical management and a review of the spectrum of multiple keratoacanthomas.

Keratoacanthoma of the external ear.


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