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Pathology of Myxoma of External Ear

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Diagnosis:  Myxoma of External Ear


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Myxomas are rare tumours in the head and neck region.

The typical tumour site is the atrium of heart.

In the ear, the tumour  grows slowly and remains asymptomatic unless it irritates structures such as the facial nerve or the vestibular organ.

Myxomas of the external ear are extremely rare.

Myxoma syndrome: (Carney's Complex) - Patients with myxoma of the external ear (and their primary relatives) should be considered at risk for the complex of myxomas, spotty pigmentation, endocrine tumours, and schwannomas and should be examined accordingly.

The ear canal lesions often were accompanied by deafness due to occlusion of the canal, attachment to the canal wall is usually by a pedicle.

Grossly, the lesions are mucoid and from 3 mm to 2 cm in greatest dimension.

Microscopically, they are circumscribed but not encapsulated and are composed of scattered stellate and spindle cells set in a mucinous, capillary-rich matrix. An epithelial component (epidermal inclusion cysts or basaloid buds or both) are present in some cases.

PRKAR1A mutations cause Carney complex in most patients with this rare disorder.

Following recognition of the tumour as myxoma, the lesion is removed with sufficiently wide margins.

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