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A brief outline on Echoviruses

Dr Sampurna Roy MD





Enteroviruses have been subdivided on the basis of antigenic relationships and differences in host range into polioviruses , coxsackieviruses groups A and B, and echoviruses.

Echoviruses are RNA viruses of the genus Enterovirus and the family Picornaviridae.

The echoviruses (enterocytopathogenic human orphan viruses) were isolated from fecal specimens of healthy children.

They produce cytopathic effects in primate cell cultures, but at isolation they were nonpathogenic for suckling mice or primates.

They are immunologically distinct from polioviruses and have been associated with a variety of diseases including nonspecific febrile illnesses with or without respiratory symptoms, aseptic meningitis, paralysis and encephalitis, exanthema, generalized disease of new-born and neonatal diarrhea.

They also have been associated with chronic meningo-encephalitis in agammaglobulinemic patients.


Further reading:

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