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Pathology of Isolated Pulmonary Capillaritis

Dr Sampurna Roy MD 





Pulmonary capillaritis is defined as a histopathologic pattern of alveolar wall inflammation that leads to the disruption of the integrity of alveolar-capillary basement membranes and flooding of the alveoli with blood.

The clinical presentation is that of diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH).

Pulmonary capillaritis is usually the consequence of an underlying immune-mediated process that is systemic in nature. Rarely, pulmonary capillaritis occurs in isolation.

It has been noted that small vessel vasculitis may be confined to the lungs and is one of the most frequent causes of pulmonary capillaritis.

The serum contains pANCA in a minority of cases and the disease may be an organ-specific form of  Microscopic Polyangiitis , just as isolated idiopathic glomerulonephritis, which is also pANCA related, may be a form of Microscopic Polyangiitis confined to the kidney.


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