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Pathology of Lipochoristoma

Dr Sampurna Roy MD 


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Syn: Lipomatous Choristoma.

Lipochoristomas (lipomatous choristomas) are rare tumors of the acoustic nerve (cranial nerve VIII/vestibulocochlear nerve).

They are slow-growing lesions with clinically indolent behavior and may be congenital malformations rather than neoplasms.

The tumours arise from cranial nerve VIII (cochlear or vestibular branch).

The tumour has a pink, ivory/pale gray to tan-maroon, and have a soft to rubbery postfixation consistency.

Histologically, the tumour includes the normal components of cranial nerve VIII, (myelinated nerve branches, glial cells, neurons, and small-caliber thin-walled vessels) together with varied amounts of mature adipocytes, mature fibrous tissue, tortuous thick walled vessels, smooth muscle bundles and skeletal muscle fibers.


Further reading

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