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Pathology of Meniere's Disease

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


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Meniere's disease is the name applied to recurrent vertigo accompanied by tinnitus and deafness.

The latter symptoms may be absent during the initial attack(s) of vertigo, but they invariably appear as the disease progresses and are increased in severity during an acute attack. 

With milder forms of the syndrome the patient may complain more  of head discomfort, slight instability, and difficulty in concentration than of vertigo and may be considered to be anxious or depressed.

It may be associated with hyper- or hypotension, intracranial lesions, lesions, syphilis, or disseminated sclerosis

The Meniere's disease has its onset most frequently in the fifth decade of life, though younger adults and elderly are not spared.

The pathologic changes are said to consist of a dilatation of the endolymphatic system which leads to a degeneration of the delicate vestibular and cochlear hair cells.

The relation of these pathologic changes to the paroxysmal disorder of labyrinthine function is unknown.

Further reading:

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Histopathology of the vestibular end organs after intratympanic gentamicin failure for Meniere's disease.

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