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Pathology of Congenital Mesoblastic Nephroma

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD    




Congenital Mesoblastic Nephroma is the commonest neonatal renal tumour and 90% of cases occur in patients under one year old.

The main symptoms at the time of diagnosis are the development of an abdominal mass and hematuria.

It may also present with polyhydramnios, hypertension and hypercalcaemia

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The macroscopic appearance is of whorled mass resembling a fibroid.

The margin of the kidney is characteristically less well defined than in Wilms' tumour, and while benign, this tumour is locally invasive and involves extrarenal tissue in 25%.  

Examination of margins is therefore critical.

Microscopy shows a spindle cell tumour which may be cellular and show frequent mitosis without malignant connotations.

There may be heterologous elements such as cartilage.

A characteristic feature is the presence of tubules with atypical epithelium that are generally thought to be incidentally included preexisting renal tubules.

Tumour cells mark as myofibroblasts. Cytogenetic may show an extra chromosome 11.

Recurrence cannot be predicted from histology, but is more likely in patients over 3 months with cellular mitotically active tumours with extrarenal extension.

The treatment is surgical, although chemotherapy is occasionally needed for recurrent tumour. 

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