Metastatic Colonic Carcinoma in the Thyroid

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                                                                       January 2015

The thyroid harbours metastases, surprisingly, in 20% of patients dying of disseminated carcinoma.

Metastases, therefore, enter the differential diagnosis of all thyroid tumours.

In a case of metastatic colonic carcinoma to the thyroid the patient usually has a past medical history of colonic carcinoma

and the histological and mucin histochemical features confirm the diagnosis.    

Renal cell carcinoma is a notorious and confusing source of intra-thyroid metastases. 

A review of the literature reveals that colon, melanoma, breast, renal , and lung carcinomas are the most frequent

tumours to metastasize to the thyroid.

Metastatic disease must be considered in the differential diagnosis of cold nodules on radionuclide thyroid scans,

particularly in patients with a known primary.



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