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Pathology of Pediatric Cystic Lesions

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Developmental cysts are common and are often secondarily inflamed.

Midline thyroglossal duct cysts are lined by respiratory epithelium  

Cystic lesions also include lateral branchial cyst lined by respiratory and squamous epithelium with lymphoid tissue in the wall and vascular malformations.

The thymic cyst is uncommon and has lymphoid tissue with Hassall's corpuscles in the wall.

Visit: Cervical Thymic Cyst

Dermoid cysts occur at sites of embryonic fusion along the lateral supraorbital ridge or in the midline over the nasal bridges, and are lined by epidermis with appendages, often replaced by foamy histiocytes and foreign body type giant cells, with keratin flakes and hairs in the lumen.

Occasionally they present anterior to the hyoid bone.

Glial heterotopia (nasal glioma) may also present as a lump on the nasal bridge and is composed of glial tissue.

It differs from an encephalocoele, which is connected to the cranial cavity, shows a mixture of glial tissue and neurones and has different clinical implications.

Visit: Heterotopic Glial Nodule


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