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Pathology of Pediatric Nasal Lesions

Dr Sampurna Roy MD  





Nasal lesions can be confused with rhabdomyosarcoma and include rare inflammatory polyps with atypical stromal fibroblasts and sinonasal myxoma, a benign, locally destructive tumour.

Both lack a cambium layer, nuclear hyperchromasia, desmin or MyoD1. immunohistochemical reaction.

Paediatric Pathology Online

Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma presents almost exclusively in adolescent males and consists of irregular vascular channels in a fibrous stroma, is benign and appears to be a vascular malformation.

Juvenile Nasopharygeal Angiofibroma

In early infancy a variety of nasopharyngeal midline masses present as a respiratory or feeding difficulty and include teratoma, encephalocoele, glial heterotopia, congenital hairy polyp and craniopharyngioma.

Salivary gland anlage tumour is a polypoid lesion of the nasopharynx that presents with respiratory distress at birth or within the first few days or weeks of life.

Salivary gland anlage tumour of the nasopharynx

Heterotopic Glial Nodule



Further reading:

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