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Paediatric Thyroid Disorders

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD 





7 Important facts about Paediatric Thyroid Disorders:

1) Thyroid disorders are common endocrine problem encountered in the paediatric and adolescent age group.

2) Amongst the functional thyroid disorders hypothyroidism is far more common than hyperthyroidism.

3) Appropriate use of thyroid function test can delineate practically all thyroid disorders.

4) Though simple goitre is common in this age group,nodular goitre and in particular solitary thyroid nodule are uncommon.

5) Thyroid nodules are less frequent in children but are more likely to be malignant than in the adult.

6) Benign lesions include follicular adenoma, adenomatous goiter, cysts and lymphocytic thyroiditis.

7) Most cases present in adult females as do the malignant tumours which are mainly papillary carcinomas and less commonly pure follicular and medullary carcinomas.


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