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Pathology of Papillary Adenoma of the Lung

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD        




Papillary adenoma is an rare, apparently benign, and morphologically distinctive neoplasm.

Clinical presentation:  Small, asymptomatic, solitary lesion.

The chest X-ray films show the tumour as well demarcated peripheral coin lesion.

Microscopic features:  These well-circumscribed neoplasms are composed of distinctive papillae covered by uniform cuboidal to columnar cells. 

The papillary growth pattern of the tumour is accompanied by edematous connective tissue. 

Solid areas are often present. 

There is no necrosis.

Mitotic activity is usually absent.

Ultrastructurally: Most of the tumor cells have various numbers of lamellar bodies in their cytoplasm, indicative of type II pneumocytes, and some of cases show features of Clara cells and ciliated cells.

The intranuclear inclusions appear as aggregates of tubular structures or have lamellar body-like features.

These findings are identical to those of papillary adenoma arising from the bronchiole.


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Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant  Histopathologist (Kolkata - India)






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