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Lung Tumours derived from Ectopic Tissues

Dr Sampurna Roy MD




These tumors are normally seen in other areas of the body. They are not expected to arise within the lung, due to the absence of their parent tissues within normal lung parenchyma.


It is therefore, thought that the origin of these tumors is from embryologicaly displaced or ectopic tussues, such as meningothelial rests, thymic epithelium, glomus cells, and neuroendocrine derivatives.


Other tumours include malignant melanoma, ganglioneuroblastomas and germ cell tumours (choriocarcinoma and teratoma).


- Primary Intrapulmonary Thymoma

- Glomus Tumour of the Lung

- Primary Malignant Melanoma of Bronchus

- Pulmonary Paraganglioma

- Ganglioneuroblastoma of the Lung

- Pulmonary Meningioma

- Germ Cell Tumours of the Lung (Teratoma and Choriocarcinoma)


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Lung tumors derived from ectopic tissues.



Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

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