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Pathology of Glomus Tumour of the Lung

Dr Sampurna Roy MD  




Glomus is thought to derive from Sucquet-Hoyer canal (glomus apparatus), specialized arteriovenous anastomosis involved in blood and temperature control of skin.

Glomus apparatus have not been demonstrated in lung but  glomangioma has been reported in lung.

It is composed of round to polygonal cells arranged around cavernous blood spaces.

Surgical excision is curative.

Primary malignant glomus tumors of the lung are extremely rare.

Histological examination revealed a sheet-like proliferation of epithelioid glomus cells and fascicles of spindle cells.

The presence of increased mitotic activity, tumor necrosis and prominent intravascular invasion suggested malignancy.

The tumor cells were immunoreactive for vimentin, calponin, h-caldesmon, and alpha-smooth muscle actin, which indicated definitive smooth muscle differentiation.

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