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Pathology of Neurogenic Tumours of the Lung

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD




Primary intrapulmonary neurogenic tumours are extremely rare.

Majority of pulmonary neurogenic sarcomas have a history of neurofibromatosis and some may arise de novo.

Tumours showing features of schwannoma are designated as malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST).

These may present as endobronchial masses or nodules within lung parenchyma without any connection to the bronchial tree.

Histologically, the tumours are composed of spindle cells, most often arranged in "herringbone" pattern.

Rarely, these tumors may show rhabdomyoblastic differentiation in association with neural elements and are designated as malignant "triton" tumors.

The diagnosis is reliably confirmed by immunohistochemistry and ultrastructural examination.

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