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Vascular Tumours

Pathology of Microvenular


Dr Sampurna Roy MD               


Dermatopathology Case 101

Diagnosis: Microvenular Hemangioma





Microvenular hemangioma is a rare, slowly growing, benign vascular tumour.

Clinical presentation: It usually presents as a solitary, asymptomatic, purple to red papule or plaque.

Age: Young to middle-aged adults.

Site:  Extremities, particularly the forearms.

Microscopic features:  



Histologically, these tumours are characterized by a proliferation of small-sized, irregularly branched venules with inconspicuous lumina.

The tumour has an infiltrative growth throughout the dermis. The backround stroma is desmoplastic. 

The flattened endothelial cells have oval to spindle-shaped nuclei and scant cytoplasm. The endothelial cells are surrounded by pericytes.

The tumour cells lack cellular atypia, pleomorphism, and mitotic figures.

Immunohistochemistry:   Endothelial cells: FactorVIII- related antigen and CD34 positive. Pericytes: Smooth muscle actin positive.

Differential diagnosis:  Early onset Kaposi's sarcoma- Eosinophilic globules are not present in microvenular hemangioma.

In the context of the histological similarity to a low-grade malignant tumour - early onset Kaposi's sarcoma, the awareness of microvenular hemangioma, a benign vascular tumour, is important.


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Microvenular hemangioma





Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

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