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Dermatopathology Cases

Dermatopathology Case1;

Dermatopathology Case2;  

Dermatopathology Case3;

Dermatopathology Case4

Dermatopathology Case5;  

Dermatopathology Case6;

Dermatopathology Case7;

Dermatopathology Case8;  

Dermatopathology Case9;   

Dermatopathology Case10;

Dermatopathology Case11;

Dermatopathology Case12

Dermatopathology Case13

Dermatopathology Case14

Dermatopathology Case15

Dermatopathology Case16

Dermatopathology Case17

Dermatopathology Case18;

Dermatopathology Case19;  

Dermatopathology Case20;

Dermatopathology Case21; 

Dermatopathology Case22;

Dermatopathology Case23;

Dermatopathology Case24;

Dermatopathology Case25;      

Dermatopathology Case26;

Dermatopathology Case27;

Dermatopathology Case28

Dermatopathology Case29;  

Dermatopathology Case30

Dermatopathology Case31

Dermatopathology Case32;

Dermatopathology Case33

Dermatopathology Case34;

Dermatopathology Case35;

Dermatopathology Case36

Dermatopathology Case37

Dermatopathology Case38

Dermatopathology Case39;

Dermatopathology Case40;

Dermatopathology Case41; 

Dermatopathology Case42;

Dermatopathology Case43;

Dermatopathology Case44;  

Dermatopathology Case45

Dermatopathology Case46;   

Dermatopathology Case47

Dermatopathology Case48

Dermatopathology Case49;

Dermatopathology Case50

Dermatopathology Case51

Dermatopathology Case52;

Dermatopathology Case53

Dermatopathology Case54

Dermatopathology Case55;

Dermatopathology Case56

Dermatopathology Case57

Dermatopathology Case58;  

Dermatopathology Cases

Dermatopathology Case59;

Dermatopathology Case60

Dermatopathology Case61;

Dermatopathology Case62

Dermatopathology Case63

Dermatopathology Case64;

Dermatopathology Case65

Dermatopathology Case66

Dermatopathology Case67;

Dermatopathology Case68;

Dermatopathology Case69;    

Dermatopathology Case70;

Dermatopathology Case71

Dermatopathology Case72

Dermatopathology Case73;

Dermatopathology Case74

Dermatopathology Case75

Dermatopathology Case76;

Dermatopathology Case77;

Dermatopathology Case78;

Dermatopathology Case79;

Dermatopathology Case80

Dermatopathology Case 81;  

Dermatopathology Case 82;

Dermatopathology Case 83

Dermatopathology Case 84;  

Dermatopathology Case 85

Dermatopathology Case 86

Dermatopathology Case 87;  

Dermatopathology Case 88

Dermatopathology Case 89

Dermatopathology Case 90;

Dermatopathology Case 91

Dermatopathology Case 92

Dermatopathology Case 93;

Dermatopathology Case 94

Dermatopathology Case 95

Dermatopathology Case 96;

Dermatopathology Case 97;    

Dermatopathology Case 98

Dermatopathology Case 99;

Dermatopathology Case 100; 

Dermatopathology Case 101;

Dermatopathology Case 102;

Dermatopathology Case 103;

Dermatopathology Case 104;

Dermatopathology Case 105;

Dermatopathology Case 106;

Dermatopathology Case 107;

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Dermatopathology Case 109;

Dermatopathology Case 110;

Dermatopathology Case 111;

Dermatopathology Case 112;

Dermatopathology Case 113;

Dermatopathology Case 114;

Dermatopathology Case 115;

Dermatopathology Case 116;

Dermatopathology  Cases

New Dermatopathology Cases from 2014:

Dermatopathology Case 117;

Dermatopathology Case 118;

Dermatopathology Case 119;

Dermatopathology Case 120;

Dermatopathology Case 121;

Dermatopathology Case 122;

Dermatopathology Case 123;

Dermatopathology Case 124;

Dermatopathology Case 125

Dermatopathology Case 126

Dermatopathology Case 127

Dermatopathology Case 128

Dermatopathology Case 129

Dermatopathology Case 130

Dermatopathology Case 131

Dermatopathology Case 132

Dermatopathology Case 133

Dermatopathology Case 134

Dermatopathology Case 135 

Dermatopathology Case 136

Dermatopathology Case 137

Dermatopathology Case 138

Dermatopathology Case 139

Dermatopathology Case 140

Dermatopathology Case 141

Dermatopathology Case 142

Dermatopathology Case 143

Dermatopathology Case 144

Dermatopathology Case 145

Dermatopathology Case 146

Dermatopathology Case 147

Dermatopathology Case 148

Dermatopathology Case 149

Dermatopathology Case 150

Dermatopathology Case 151

Dermatopathology Case 152

Dermatopathology Case 153

Dermatopathology Case 154

Dermatopathology Case 155

Dermatopathology Case 156

Dermatopathology Case 157

Dermatopathology Case 158

Dermatopathology Case 159

Dermatopathology Case 160

Dermatopathology Case 161

Dermatopathology Case 162

Dermatopathology Case 163

Dermatopathology Case 164

Dermatopathology Case 165

Dermatopathology Case 166

Dermatopathology Case 167

Dermatopathology Case 168

Dermatopathology Case 169

Dermatopathology Case 170

Case 1:  A 35 year old female with a  lobulated mass in the vulva. 

Case 2:  A 58  year old  male  with  a lump on the back of the neck. 

Case 3: A 2 year old boy with a mass in the right axilla. 

Case 4:  A 38 year old man - Mass at the sacro-coccygeal region.

Case 5:  A 41 yr old male with a  nodule on the stomach wall .

Case 6: A 30 yr old male with a large retroperitoneal mass 

Case 7: A 24 year old male with a solitary, painless nodule in the neck.

Case 8:  A 32 yr old male with a nodule on the scalp.

Case 9:  A 7 month old infant with a nodule on the left cheek.

Case 10:  Nodule on  the maxillary alveolar ridge in an infant  

Case 11: A 65 year old man with a  mass on the right upper extremity.

Case 12: A 62 year old man with a  plaque on the  face. 

Case 13: A 58 year old male with a  plaque in the perianal region.

Case 14: A 45 yr old female with a  warty lesion in the oral cavity.

Case 15: A 75 year old man with a  nodule on the forehead. 

Case 16: A 65 year old female -Mass in the nasal cavity. 

Case 17: A 55 year old male with a sacro-coccygeal mass. 

Case 18: A 28 yr old female-  Mass on the  left  thigh.

Case 19: A 45 year old male with a nodule on the anterior chest wall.

Case 20: A 31 year old male with a plaque in the right axilla. 

Case 21: A 58 yr old male with a  nodule on the forehead. 

Case 22 : A 28 year old male - Nodule on the right index finger, 

Case 23: A  54 yr old female - Nipple discharge and bleeding 

Case 24: A 38 yr old male - Lump on the left upper limb. 

Case 25: A 54 yr old female with a  bluish black lesion on the face.

Case 26: A 45 year old female with a nodule in the vulva. 

Case 27: A 38 yr old male with a reddish blue, nodule on the chest. 

Case 28: A 68 yr old male with a painful nodule on the left lower leg.

Case 29: A 14 yr old male with a  nodule on the index finger. 

Case 30: A 32 yr old male with  a  nodule on the sole of the foot.

Case 31: A 12 year old girl with a raised warty plaque on the forehead

Case 32: A 15 year old boy with a  papule on the lower left eyelid.

Case 33:A 78 year old female -Mass at the apex of the right scapula.

Case  34:A 6 year old boy with a papule on the left side of the face

Case 35: A  32 yr old female with a  nodule on the dorsum of the right hand 

Case 36: A 25 yr old  HIV- infected  male - nodules on the face, neck and trunk


Case 37:A 28 year old male with a mass in the interscapular region 

Case 38: A 62 yr old female  H/O of watery diarrhea. Colonic biopsy for diagnosis.

Case 39: A 65 yr old female with  h/o diarrhea. Rectal biopsy for diagnosis. 

Case 40: A 58 year old female with a painless firm mass on the left upper thigh. 

Case 41: A 65 year old female  with a bullous lesion on the left upper arm. 

Case 42: A 20 year old male with unilateral  nasal  polyp. 

Case 43: A 24 yr old male with recurrent episodes of bloody diarrhea. Ulcers in the caecum & asc. colon. 

Case 44: A 20 year old  female with a slow growing mass on the ankle 

Case 45: A 55 yr old female with a rapidly growing mass in the triceps muscle of the left arm

Case 46: A 25 year old male with a rapidly growing nodule on the left  forearm. 

Case 47: A 12 year old boy
with h/o rectal bleeding. Section of rectal polyp for diagnosis 

Case 48: A 25 year old male. Section of jejunal polyp for diagnosis 

Case 49: A 35 yr old male with a submucosal polyp in the ileum

Case 50: A 61 yr old male.Multiple nodules in colon. Biopsy from colonic nodule.

Case 51: A 25 yr old male.
Sessile polyps in rectum.Biopsy from the rectal polyp.

Case 52: A 36 yr old male.
Macule, papule and nodules on the face and extremities. 

Case 53: A 25 yr old female with firm, painless nodule on the left elbow

Case 54: A 12 yr old boy with a nodule on dorsum of the left  hand.

Case 55: A 35 yr old diabetic woman with indurated plaques on the thigh.

Case 56: A 45 yr old woman with a breast nodule

Case 57: A 65 yr old male. Lesion on the left ring finger. 

Case 58: A 36yr old male. H/O bloody diarrhea. Colonic biopsy.

Case 59: A 65 yr old woman with a pale yellow uterine nodule.

Case 60:  A 45 year old woman. H/O colicky abdominal pain & vomiting. Small intestinal biopsy.

Case 61: A 35 year old woman with a nodule on the upper trunk.

Case 62:  A 22 year old male with a firm nodule on the left forearm. 

Case 63:A 45 year old male Papule on the face. 

Case 64:  A 70 year old female with a painless lump in the left thigh.

Case 65:  A 20 year old male with a soft, slowly enlarging mass in the hand.

Case 66:A 45 year old male with a nodule on the right index finger.

Case 67: A 34 year old male with a papule on the left lower leg.

Case 68: A 56 yr old male with a polypoid mass in the second part of the duodenum.

Case 69:  A 75 year old male with a reddish-purple plaque on the forehead. 


Case 70:  A 19 year old male with a reddish- brown nodule on the face. 

Case 71:  An indurated nodule on the forehead of a 70 year old male.

Case 72:  A 65 year old male with a nodule on the scalp.

Case73: A 30 year old female with a 4 mm papule on the nose.

Case 74:  A 58 year old female with a nodule on the left knee.

Case 75:  A 55 year old female with a nodule on the right elbow.

Case 76:  A 25 year old male Papules on upper arms and shoulder.  

Case 77:  A  45 year old male with a nodule on the forehead.

Case78: A 4 year old boy with multiple nodules on the  scalp,  neck,  trunk and around the mouth. 

Case 79:  A 54 year old female. Gastric antral biopsy for diagnosis. 

Case 80:  A 15 year old boy with abdominal pain. Multiple omental and mesenteric soft tissue masses. 

Case 81:  A 25 year old female with a greyish-blue papule on  the dorsum of the hand.

Case 82:  A 62 year old male. Polypoid mass in the lower third of the esophagus. 

Case 83:  A 58 year old male with clusters of yellowish spots on the upper lip.

Case 84:  A 5 year old boy with a solitary firm nodule on the cheek.

Case 85:  A 45 year old male with a tan-brown macule on the back. 

Case 86:  A 35 year old male with reddish painful nodules on the left shin. 

Case 87:  A 55 yr old female with a duodenal polyp, 2cm in diameter.

Case 88:  A 45 year old male.  Small intestinal biopsy for diagnosis.

Case 89: A 52 year old male. Endoscopy: Pale yellow nodule on the fundus.

Case 90: A newborn with cardiomegaly and several tumours in the ventricular walls.

Case 91:  A 40 year old male, a mass on the anterior wall of the left ventricle.

Case 92:  A 58 year female with a mass attached to the mitral valve and the chordae tendineae.

Case 93:  A 45 year old women- Autopsy finding: Heart muscle was thickened with many small whitish nodules.

Case 94:  A 30 year old woman with a solitary rubbery nodule on the forehead. 

Case 95:  A 25year old female. Pigmented skin nodule for diagnosis. 

Case 96: Skin lesion on the forearm of a 40 year old male.

Case 97:  A 22 year old male. Sections of the appendix . ? Acute appendicitis.

Case 98: A 25 year old female. Sections of the appendix.

Case 99:  Nodular intranasal mass in a 35 year old male. Nasal biopsy for diagnosis. 

Case 100:  A 24 year old male. Skin biopsy for diagnosis. 


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Cases presented by:

Dr  Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant Histopathologist (Kolkata - India)


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