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Pathology of Sebaceoma

Dr Sampurna Roy MD        




Troy and Ackerman defined the term sebaceoma as benign neoplasm of basaloid cells with varying numbers of mature sebocytes. (Sebaceoma. A distinctive benign neoplasm of adnexal epithelium differentiating toward sebaceous cells. Am J Dermatopathol. 1984 Feb;6(1):7-13  )

Distinction between sebaceous adenoma and sebaceoma may be difficult and there is an increasing tendency to regard these two tumours as part of a continuum of benign tumours.

Some authors use the term sebaceous adenoma when half or less than 50% of the lesion is composed of germinative and transitional cells, and sebaceoma when greater than 50% of the lesion is composed of germinative and transitional cells.          

The term 'sebaceous epithelioma' has been largely discarded by many pathologists as the term 'epithelioma' is confusing & has been used in different ways by various pathologists.

Clinical presentation:  Presents as a solitary circumscribed nodule or an ill-defined plaque. May also present as multiple lesions, specially in Muir-Torre Syndrome.

Site: Located on the face or scalp.


Microscopic features:

Histologically, sebaceoma shows irregular shaped cell masses in which more than 50 percent cells are undifferentiated, basaloid cells together with significant aggregates of sebaceous cells and transitional cells.

Cysts and duct-like structures contain holocrine secretion and debris.


Visit : Pathology of Rippled-Pattern Sebaceoma:

In a rare variant of sebaceoma the tumour displayed reticulated and cribriform basaloid epithelial islands.

Some cases show areas resembling seborrheic keratosis.


Differential Diagnosis:  

1) Sebaceous Carcinoma- some cases of sebaceoma are difficult to differentiate reliably from carcinoma because of the germinative cells (mitotically active and may display atypical nuclear features) ;

2) Basal cell carcinoma with sebaceous differentiation.

The tumour usually does not recur after excision.


Further reading:

A case of sebaceoma with extensive apocrine differentiation.

Sebaceoma, trichoblastoma and syringocystadenoma papilliferum arising within a nevus sebaceous.

Sebaceoma of the eyelid.

Sebaceoma of the auricle.

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Characteristic Ber-EP4 and EMA expression in sebaceoma is immunohistochemically distinct from basal cell carcinoma.

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Sebaceoma arising in association with seborrheic keratosis.  

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Ductal sebaceoma (sebomatricoma).

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Sebaceous neoplasm with reticulated and cribriform features: a rare variant of sebaceoma.




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