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Pathology of Angiolipoma

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                     





Age:  Occurs in young adults

Site: These subcutaneous tumours are usually located on the forearm, arm and chest wall.

Clinical presentation: Presents as multiple, painful yellow, firm,  circumscribed tumours. 

Angiolipoma usually do not recur after excision. New lesions may continue to develop elsewhere.

Microscopic features:


Microscopic Images of Angiolipoma

-Thin fibrous capsule with  fibrous septa  dividing the lesion into lobules.

-There are mature adipocytes together with groups of small vessels.

- Presence of fibrinous microthrombi in the lumen is a diagnostic feature.

- In 'cellular angiolipoma'  the vascular component is more than 90%.

- Prominent pericytes may be present around the capillaries.

- Numerous mast cells are noted throughout the tumour.

- Degenerative changes (i.e. hyalinization, myxoid change and fibrosis) may be present in longstanding cases.

- Angiomyxolipoma is characterized by myxoid stroma. Unlike angiolipoma which has normal karyotype, angiomyxolipoma  shares cytogenetic changes with lipoma, spindle cell lipoma and myxoma.

Two cases of angiomyxolipoma (vascular myxolipoma) of subcutaneous tissue.

Angiomyxolipoma (vascular myxolipoma) of subcutaneous tissue.

Angiomyxolipoma shares cytogenetic changes with lipoma,spindle cell/ pleomorphic  lipoma and myxoma.


Normal karyotype

Differential diagnosis:

One must exclude  well-differentiated angiosarcoma of the breast  from angiolipomas arising on the chest wall.

Cellular angiolipomas may resemble Kaposi's sarcoma or primitive capillary hemangioma. (Vascular tumours )


Further reading:

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