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Pathology of Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Dr Sampurna Roy MD





Eastern equine encephalitis is a mosquito-borne viral disease.

Eastern equine encephalitis virus is a member of the family Togaviridae, genus Alphavirus

Eastern equine encephalitis is encountered primarily in the eastern and north central United States and adjoining provinces of Canada.

The reservoir is birds. Horses and humans have "dead-end" infections.

Mosquitoes are vectors.

It takes from 3 to 10 days to develop symptoms of Eastern equine encephalitis after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Epizootics among horses usually precede epidemics in humans.

Eastern equine encephalitis occurs primarily during summer in temperate zones.

Symptoms range from mild flu-like illness to Eastern equine encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), coma and death.

The diagnosis of Eastern equine encephalitis virus infection is serology, especially IgM testing of serum and cerebrospinal fluid.

PCR, histopathology with immunohistochemistry, and virus culture of autopsy tissues  are useful in fatal cases.


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