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Pathology of Hidradenoma

Papilliferum (Papillary Hidradenoma)

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


Path Quiz Case 26- Case history and images:

Diagnosis: Hidradenoma Papilliferum





Hidradenoma papilliferum (papillary hidradenoma) is a benign tumour and was previously regarded as an apocrine tumour.

According to some authors this tumour is a variant of apocrine adenoma with specific features.

Now there is increasing evidence to suggest that it is closely related to the recently described mammary-like anogenital glands. 

Site:  Almost always located in the vulval or perianal regions. Ectopic lesions have been reported on the face, scalp, eyelid, auditory canal and arm.

Clinical presentation: The tumour usually occurs in middle aged women as small nodules (1cm or less in size).

Microscopic features:

Histologically, these are circumscribed solid or partly cystic tumour containing papillary and glandular areas.

There are two types of epithelium -  tall columnar cells with pale eosinophilic cytoplasm and underlying myoepithelial cell layer.

Prominent apocrine changes are noted in areas. 

Mitotic count is occasionally high.

PAS- positive diastase-resistant granules are present in the apices of the large cells.


Differential Diagnosis:  

The differential diagnosis includes adenocarcinoma.


Further reading:

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Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

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